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A "Night’s" Worth of Reading

I have started a trend I believe. A trend that keeps me hooked up to my internet addiction a little bit longer now, both fortunately and unfortunately.

I have recently begun reading the memoir Night by Elie Wiesel with my sophomores. Wiesel is a Holocaust survivor, having spent the bulk of his horrific experience in Auschwitz, the home of the diabolically iconic “Work Shall Make You Free” camp. As Wiesel’s narrative is both evocative and highly personal, I wanted to foster within my students the opportunity to respond in an equally personal and reflective way to the text.

And so, I offered them extra credit if they began a “Night Blog.” Several of them have taken me up on it and have proved to be quite the avid little bloggers. I try to be my kids’ greatest advocate and champion for them when I see work that merits praise. And so, I pass their blogs onto you, my faithful blog readers. Give ’em a second. Check out their pages, and if it so behooves you, leave them a thought or a comment.
I know they would love it.

Night Bloggers:

It Feels Like Home to Me

So, why am I blogging to be exact? I find this an important question to answer. Because really, this whole blogging this is like a sport, a team, something to be committed to. But really, the answer is simple. Since I set this whole thing up last night, my mind has been reeling with ideas of what to write about. Unfortunately, my time can’t quite catch up with my imagination. I’ve always loved to write. And, writing is clearly the name of the blogging game.

I love to write like Michael Jackson loves to wear spandex, germ-free gloves.
I love to write like celebrities love to name their children things like Apple and Coco and Violet and Phinehas.
I love to write like 35-year old soccer moms love to drive around their Honda mini vans packed to the max with three kids in carseats and a cooler full of orange slices in the back.

Basically, I was the kid who sat in the church service when she was twelve years old writing ridiculous fantasy romance fiction because she had all these ideas popping into her head and she couldn’t wait another nanosecond to write them down and… because she had an absurdcelebrity crush on Dean Cain. I think I actually produced a full on 5 page story during one sermon! Don’t worry, the only things I write during sermons now are notes (occasionally about where to go to lunch to my best friend sitting next to me, but hey, who’s keeping track?).

That’s besides the point. Really, I’ve just found that blogging feels like home to me. Maybe this is really nerdy, so cut me break as I’m being real with ya’ll right now. But, there’s just something “dream come truish” about getting to publish my very own little article whenver the heck I feel like it! Thanks for indulging me, blogspot!

And This is Just the Beginning…

~Inhales a deep breath and pauses to take this moment in…~

Wow. My very first blog. It feels so… energizing, inspiring, familiar, right. Like, blogging, where have you been all my life?

I know what you’re thinking. Seriously, “What the hecka Becka?” You’re just now starting this whole blog thing? Where have YOU been your whole life?

Haha. Well. You should know, I was also like the LAST person to get a cell phone. My parents were seriously the LAST people to get an answering machine back in the day. So, let’s just say I come from a long line of technology hesitant procrastinators.

But here I am. And here is a good place to be.

K, more to follow… I gotta go customize this thing and give it a personal flair!