Songs I Would Record on My Album

So, story of my life: I think in song lyrics. I sing them. People say, I don’t recognize that song. Someone else sings it immediately after. Ohhhhh, says the audience.

Yeah. That’s why I’ll NEVER actually record an album. But, it’s fun to dream. And so, here are the songs I would record in this dreamworld where I can carry a tune in a bucket, and clap at the same time too.

1.) Ordinary People by John Legend. Just cuz it’s my fave.

2.) Bartender by TPain. Pretty much, my dear friend and I sang this song, duet style, on the way to the beach every time. And every road trip too.

3.) When the Doves cry by Prince. Because, why not?!

4.) Fancy by Drake. Das ma jam.

5.) California Girls by Katy Perry. I am one, through and through.

6.) If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys. What red blooded American girl HASN’T belted this one at some point driving alone in the car?

7.) I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T by Webbie. This is the song I was singing, spastically, when I met a new roommate. It remains one of her favorites to this day.

8.) Church by TPain. Man, me and TPain. I just like singing this one cuz he says “Ima take your a*& to church!”

Then, there are also a ton of bastardized hip hop songs I’ve manipulated to teach literature lessons with. They are to many to count, certainly to many to “list.”

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