It’s Time for…

I want to just live the simple life and say that after waiting many long blue moons for this season in my life, It’s time for ALL THE GOOD STUFF… But, I suppose, in the name of list making, that “All the good stuff” probably doesn’t really qualify. Let me delineate this for you…

It’s time for marrying my best friend (one week from today).

It’s time for celebrating my last few single days with my very best girlfriends in the world, 3 of whom have flown overseas and out of state to be with me.

It’s time for creating a home with my love. There will be lots of antique shopping, yard saling, DIY-ing, and gift card applying for this to happen.

It’s time for watching my good friends have their first babies this year.

It’s time for FINALLY taking that dream honeymoon to France and Italy (being booked as I write).

This means it’s also time for seeing Michaelangelo’s David, eating REAL Italian gelato, riding in trains around Europe like Harry Potter, taking a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower, walking under the ruins of the Coliseum, sunbathing in the south of France, ambling on cobblestone streets with a crepe in my hand, taking a moonlit gondola ride, and viewing the Mona Lisa, in person.

It’s time for kissing the 2014 school year goodbye and kissing summer hello.

It’s time for my husband to teach me how to surf.

It’s time for celebrating my Dad, my Brother, and my chocolate lab Hermione Fancy’s birthday today.

It’s time for riding off into the sunset.

It’s time for singing praises of thanksgiving to the Lord.

It’s time for writing more.

It’s time for dreaming of becoming a book editor, and then one day, a book author.

It might be even time for a new tattoo soon.

It’s time for me to catch up on all the books I have to read because, praise the Lord, wedding planning is over.


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