The perfect ________ involves _______

I love mad libs. I suppose this makes sense as I am a logophile. I also like systems, equations, and plugging things. Hence, I was way better at Algebra than Geometry.

All that to say, today’s list prompt makes me extremely happy.

The perfect day involves the beach, iced coffee, and good music.

The perfect coffee involves whipped cream and coffee cake.

The perfect house involves a soft color palette, open windows, old books, and lots of photos.

The perfect classroom involves the classics, artistic projects, lots of student work, and bright colors.

The perfect night involves candles, a luminescent moon, and an outdoor patio.

The perfect book involves mystery, character development, philosophical ideas, and rich vocabulary.

The perfect morning involves anything after 10am.

The perfect list involves the ability to get it all done :).

The perfect man involves integrity, godliness, tenderness, strength, and humilty (Zac).

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