Pins I’m Excited To Try…

Bahhhh… Pinterest. Such a paradoxical conundrum for me. Pinterest has single handedly inspired my wedding, and just as single handedly robbed me of sleep. Pinterest gives me the hope to believe I too can become a crafting goddess, and the assurance that I’ll never quite match up. It teaches me of creativity, all the while learning to copy others’ talents and genius.

Nonetheless, for as often as I curse it as a continually unsatisfied trainer, and as often as I run to it like a guiding light in the dark, I have to admit, there are a few pins I’m REALLY excited for once wedding is over and Zac and I can play house.

1.) Reclaimed wood headboard (maybe Chevron style)?

2.) Walls and walls of frame designs

3.) Crafts with maps for decor

4.) 101 things to do with mason jars (I’ll have at least 35 leftover from the wedding)

5.) A window seat for the reading room

6.) Scrapbook ideas for wedding mementos (cards, invitations, card stock, ticket stubs, etc).

7.) All kinds of cookies (healthy and unhealthy)

8.) New vegetarian meals

9.) Old dresser turned bookcase

10.) One day (STILL FAR AWAY) nursery ideas for future Applegate Littles

2 thoughts on “Pins I’m Excited To Try…

  1. Campfire Kam

    I would LOVE to do some sort of “map art”, too! There are an overwhelming amount of options on Pinterest that I think I need to ignore it all sometimes…Do you have a link to your Pinterest account? I’d love to follow your pins!


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