This Week’s To Do List…

Well, how convenient is this? I was just about to sit down and stare at this week’s to do list, mentally gear up for the day ahead, and then blog in addition. But, now thanks to Day 16’s prompt (conveniently 14 days away from the wedding), I just can kill two birds with one stone. Grand.

So, here goes (as I take a Xanax) Jk.

1.) Hit the gym and the tanning salon every day (except Sunday)

2.) Write lesson plans for when I’m gone from school for the wedding.

3.) Email the DJ all final “stuff.”

4.) Finish chalkboard decor and the ring bearer’s book (Jane Eyre just transformed into a lovely little house for our wedding rings, complete with ribbon and twine, and of course, our bling).

5.) Package all gifts for the wedding

6.) Resurrect my iphone5 that tragically got drenched in a water bottle downpour this weekend. If it won’t rise from its ashes, errrrrr rice, then file insurance claim and have new iphone5 here by wedding day.

7.) Buy Dad’s birthday card and present

8.) Start moving my earthly possessions into Zac’s house

9.) Prep Zac’s house for the wedding guests to arrive (clean, decorate, arrange, put beds together, etc.)

10.) Catch up on Grey’s Anatomy (probably just wishful thinking)

11.) Catch up on Bible study (this really needs to NOT be wishful thinking)

12.) Blog/List every day

13.) Exercise the dog a few days this week

14.) Add each other to our bank accounts in prep for the big merge.

15.) Continue honeymoon planning with travel agent

16.) Sleep. Yes, note that this comes last.

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