Things I’ve bought once or twice

I’m gonna make a confession right now. My wedding dress… was expensive. Like, for any other event in my life, I’d never justify that kind of cost in attire. But, it’s my wedding dress and I will only wear it once, which makes it kind of extra ridiculous but… it’s gorgeous. I mean, really, I adore it. And it’s price makes it all the more special because it will only be paid once. And there are only a few other items in my life of which I can say the same.

1.) The Dress. Already covered.

2.) My car. I’m marrying a man who is not about buying new cars, so my red 2005 Toyota Corolla may be the only one.

3.) My dog. I love her. She’s a pedigree chocolate labrador. I got the pick of the litter, and have invested  A LOT of money in her. I’m sure I’ll have other dogs, but Hermione Fancy was my baby when I’ve been motherless, and my best friend when I’ve been single. There will never be another I will spoil like I spoil her.

4.) My trip to Cancun. This summer, my 3 good girlfriends and I snuck away to the Mexican Riviera for 8-9 days. We got an awesome deal, and we called the trip our “Dirty 30,” or “Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving” because 2013 was the year we all turned the big 3-0. I’ll never have another trip quite like that again.

5.) My honeymoon. The hubby and I will leave for France and Italy sometime mid June and be there for 2 full weeks. I can’t even begin to describe my anticipation and excitement to behold the Vatican, wander in Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, roam around Monte Carlo on mopeds, and stand underneath the beautiful Lady Eiffel Tower while eating a crape. This trip is gonna be costly (like approaching 2/3 the cost of the wedding just about), but we keep telling ourselves it could be 20 years before we’ll get to do it again.

I guess, when I think about it, other than a few material items, what I hope I spend the most on in my life are experiences, which ironically, are priceless anyways!

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