My favorite vacation treat…

I really don’t want to write or blog or list right now. So not in the mood. Water damaged my cell phone this weekend, two weekends before the wedding, money is tight, and my fiancé is gone. I was going to get caught up on sleep, caught up on errands, and enjoy just getting stuff done. Now, I’m going to try and find out if I have phone insurance, if Verizon will release any info to me since I am on my fiancé’s account and he’s not here (and not reachable at all, camping for his bachelor party in the desert). If I have to pay retail value to replace my iPhone5 I will lose my ever loving mind (more than I already have).

I wish I could escape all of this wedding planning, no sleeping, constant anxiety-ing, now no phone-ing and no money-ing stress. I wish I could take a vacation. And if I did, here are the treats I would bring:

Candy, preferably Good and Plenties or Swedish fish

Dark Chocolate, with sea salt and caramel

Mango Mangos (Trader Jo’s — check ’em out)

Pistachio Nut clusters (from my fiancé’s Nature Box monthly shipment)

Starbucks (on the way there or home)

Banana with almond butter (you can buy the snack pack size)

Gum (Orbits, sweet mint)

Trail mix with dried fruit (three cheers for coconut and mango)


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