How I Focus…

Focus is not a struggle for me, usually, unless you’re talking about the period from 5:30am to 8am, when all life on earth should lay still and shrouded in the ground or in bed. Sadly for me, I’m a teacher, which means I wake up in those ungodly hours and instruct the lives of hundreds of poor souls. Aside from the god awful thing called mornings though, I can typically start on something and carry it through to the end. Interruptions are really irksome to me, but if ever I do get unfocused it can most likely be blamed on stress and a complete debilitating feeling of overwhelmedness, which leaves me paralyzed and unsure of where to begin. In this unfortunate, and somewhat normal occurrence right now, I try to take the following measures…

1.) Pray. Only Jesus can right this world, including my busy schedule and my idolatrous day planner.

2.) Acquire more coffee. Next to Jesus, this is the best solution to focus issues.

3.) Talk to my best friend. She always manages to lift my spirit, put everything back in perspective, and at least distract my mind for a bit (sometimes, distraction is a paradoxically necessary part of focus).

4.) Set up a good music playlist, John Legend, Alicia Keys, and maybe some soulful folk music.

5.) A good, sweaty, heart and iron pumping workout. Nothing really refocuses and refuels me quite like the completely physical concept of a tough gym session, or a clarity-imbued run. Sometimes, a break from the mental is necessary to return fresh.

6.) My booboo. I love my pooch. Time with her is always well spent, even if she is ornery. She reminds me of life’s simple pleasures.

7.) Goals. I like to set goals for myself, mostly because I’m competitive. If I’m grading essays, I plan out how many I must  get through before I can reward myself with instagram, or a treat, or even just a peak at Facebook.

8.) Make a list. Then a plan to conquer the list. Get started. Go.

9.) Time with Zachary. This can also be a distraction, but it’s a welcome one.

Sometimes, what my focus really needs, is to be shifted.


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