How I Feel Today

Today was the last of my three bridal showers. It was also my good friend’s (former college friend, roommate and now current bridesmaid) baby shower for her son, their first. So naturally, today, as I approach the last 22 days before my wedding, I feel…

Showered, with love, gifts, and incredible people

Blessed, by God’s goodness, His timing, and the sweetness of His grace in my life

Inspired, by many new fun house items and ideas for decorations and crafts

Overwhelmed, with the number of things still to do in these following three weeks

Tired, especially considering we “spring ahead” tonight

In love, with my best friend, laying on the couch next to me, who’s been preparing his house to become our home

Excited, to go from a Miss to a Mrs.

Hopeful, starting a very new, unchartered journey

Anxious, to get to Europe this summer and taste gelato, vintage Italian wine, and stand in the Colisseum and shadow of the Eiffel Tower

Happy, to be writing again.

Thankful, that my list looks like this on March 8, 2014, a far cry different than it would have looked like this time even just two years ago, which leaves me feeling…

Sentimental and grateful beyond words.

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