30 Lists

My fiancé really knows me. I mean, crazy knows me. I know because my bridal shower game proved it today when we answered almost all the same questions the same way, on two different days, in two different locations via two different media formats. You get the picture.

Well, because he knows me so well, he knows how much I like to write. And also how little time I have right now. And also my fear of crafting (because it does not come as innate to me as writing or organizing time). So, he found this gem of a project  through a friend of his, offered it to me, and I, perhaps naively, signed up to essentially write a list every day this month (the month I am getting married). I said yes because I do need to write. My soul needs it. Also, I am 30 this year, so you know it just seems fitting to write 30 lists with purpose. And because while this month is March Madness mixed with Wedding Bells, it is also a magical month and a season I know I will look back on long after all centerpieces are tossed, all gifts are unopened and all dresses are boxed away, and wish I could return to. So, when I am old and worn down with baby feedings and laundry lists morphing into grocery lists, I hope I can look back on this month and these 30 lists and remember the magic of it all.

Coincidentally enough, on my second of three bridal showers, and the first day of my wedding month, the prompt for today’s list is…

Ways to add MAGIC to my life

1.) Eat from fancy plates and serving ware more often. It makes me feel like a queen.

2.) Read back through special notes, cards, and books friends have made for me and remember the beautiful moments we have shared.

3.) Take our dogs for more walks in the rain, hand in hand with my man.

4.) Indulge in a cupcake whose flavor I’ve never had before.

5.) Pray with a friend. It’s not magic, it’s better than that.

In case you are interested in joining my 30 Lists challenge, here’s the link!http://30daysoflists.com

5 thoughts on “30 Lists

  1. Margaret Spencer

    I love this list! And your blog header is great! Congratulations – don’t let up on the writing.

  2. Campfire Kam

    Zac told me he sent #30Lists to you and I almost started crying over how sweet that was! I was “one of the strangers from the internet” he camped with the other weekend, and he said that you are a master-Lister! I’m so glad to have you aboard, let me know if you have any questions about the challenge 🙂

  3. bookgirl

    He knows you so well except that, um, FAVORITE BOOK thing (though it was a fair mistake. K might say my favorite author was Shakespeare. He’s not. He’s my favorite to teach and maybe study). Good luck with this. Looking forward to the 30th! –Wendy


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