The Wish List

What started as a funny joke several years ago with my roommates, has become a sort of tradition for me. One year, we decided that the week of our birthdays, we would each create a birthday wish list, a sort of conglomeration of funny and serious, comic and epic and maybe even a little tragic/ironic.

Well, this year is my golden birthday: 28 on the 28th so you know what they say, go big or go home. Also, my birthday is just 3 days after Christmas, so I’ve decided to do a package deal here: a Christmas/birthday list all rolled into one.

What follows is in no particular order, just a desultorily constructed numbering of desires.

1.) A date with John Legend. I wish for this every year, and will continue to do so until it is granted. Or I die. Whichever comes first.

2.) An opportunity to teach all summer in Rwanda at a university.

3.) A check for $40,000 to be promptly turned into a check for ACS to cover 8 years of school debt.

4.) The determination and drive to teach summer school this year and thereby plug away at those $40,000 the good ole’ fashioned Republican way.

5.) A new bottle of Chanel perfume.

6.) The Justin Bieber Christmas album. Yes, I’m serious about this one.

7.) For my newspaper students to NEVER want to do another story about Twilight ever again. Ever. Even a negative one. Ever. So banal.

8.) A new purse. Maybe a mustard yellow one.

9.) A lifetime’s supply of Chic – Fil- A. I’d settle for a lifetime’s supply of just Wednesday night Chic Fil A.

10.) For Joseph Kony to be found, arrested, and tried for his war crimes. For justice to be served in a tangible, highly public way.

11.) To find Mr. Right. This is in the same vein as #1. Til I find him, or die. Or become the crazy dog lady.

12.) To love my chocolate lab puppy without becoming the crazy dog lady.

13.) To make amazing, beautiful, forever to be cherished, lifelong bonds and memories with my roomates. Three cheers for the Kat House!

14.) A new pair of boots. Casual, high, the kind that goes with any outfit and immediately makes it fashion-forward.

15.) An evening dancing and making merry on the night of my birth, preferably in San Diego (my favorite place in Cali).

16.) For 28 to just be a better year than 27, because, to put it bluntly, 27 sucked, BIG time.

17.) For a heart to return to where it needs to be. To find healthiness spiritually, emotionally, and physically. IN that order.

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