Of Mice and Wolves

I’m going to grant myself permission to meld yesterday’s blog and today’s blog into one since the reason for yesterday’s blogging absences bled into today.

At 8am yesterday morning, I hopped onto a yellow school bus with my principal, coworker, and about 35 high school ASB kids to attend a leadership conference at Disneyland where we met up with the rest of our crew. This is probably the highlight of my school year in terms of scholastic activities.

The reasons why this 48 hours of Fall fun is so spectacular is mainly because my King Wolfpack is just an amazing group of kids and teachers who give off crazy good joo-joo. But, there are so specific traditions that do help keep the weekend an annual favorite:

1.) Peppermint stick ice cream at Gibson Girls on Main St.
2.) Green M &M’s (or in this year’s case, Mentos) held in our hands as we ride the Tower of Terror. This year, when we went to purchase the photo, Disney told us our photo (basically our use of edible props) “did not meet Disney standards.” Poo on you, Mouseketeers.
3.) Space Mountain, all 22 of us in line together
4.) Pranks. This year, a teacher attempted to prank a kid. Sometimes, it’s the other way around.
5.) Inappropriate jokes, sometimes distinguished by cryptic facebook and twitter status updates. Usually they involve certain decor in the trees at Downtown Disney and other ridiculousness.
6.) Catching the last of the AMA’s in our hotel room once we rally all the kids back.
7.) Walking over to Jamba Juice the next morning to scavenge for some real breakfast instead of the half stale bagels set out by the conference peeps
8.) Relaxing while the kids attend the conference

And this year, we added two new tradition to our usual routine: Parkas in the rain and the Grand Californian. Disneyland messed up and overbooked the Disney hotel, so we all got put in the $600/night digs instead. Best mistake Disney ever made. Doubtful it’ll happen again, so we enjoyed for the 2011 season. Rain, come what may, another successful CADA Conference Weekend.

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