So Much To Say…

So, I have some fairly intense thoughts I want to process externally, but unfortunately just not the fortitude and man power to eek them out right now before exhaustion sets in.

These thoughts sprang from my mud run this morning while hacking up a lung and in the throes of this little flu I’ve got. Which, of course is the ironic reason why I’m too tired to blog my deep ponderings. It’ll have to wait for another day, because it merits more than just my sloppy-right-before-bed pathetic attempts at articulation.

In other news, super thankful for the intimate, low key night that was our Novemberblogfest meet up. I’m really blow away that the simple but profound art called writing has brought so many of us unique personalities together as acquaintances, friends, and confidantes. Some good conversations were had tonight, and some sweet friendly faces were seen again.

I am thankful that writing, while a reflection of one person’s soul, does not have to be done individually, but rather in community.

And on that note, I shall take my weary self to sleep.

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