Let Your Love

I’ll just admit it. I’m in a spiritual funk, a dark place, a deep rut, maybe deeper than any I’ve experienced before. I sat through today’s sermon on forgiveness, and the irony of it all is that I have no one I need to forgive more than God. I know that sounds blasphemous, but let me clarify. I’ve sort of been angry with him, frustrated, feeling like He’s asked me to do what I cannot, or just simply given everyone else what I want. And so, I’ve sort of been going through my own time of questioning and hurt and loneliness, a lot like David’s psalms.

Which is why Matt Cash’s song “Let Your Love” spoke to me today in the midst of my hard-heartedness and rebellion. I know it’s true, I just desperately need to believe it.

“Let your love be stronger than my rebellion
Let your love be faster than my fleeting heart.
Let your love be deeper than all my shallow words
Let your love be the place from where I start.

Your love is calling my heart to be open,
to be broken, to be complete
I guess that’s why it’s all about your love
And it’s not about me at all.

Let your love be stronger than my rebellion…”

One thought on “Let Your Love

  1. raj

    We’ve got your back, Becks. While it may feel blasphemous to admit, God knew it was there, and confessing it is part of walking back toward Him.


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