The Everyday May Society

Tonight’s gonna be short, but you #everydaymay peeps, you know why.

After an afternoon of catching some rays at Corona Del Mar, I came home and helped my roomie Alicia host a small get-together for us #everydaymay bloggers. We shared some salty and some sweet, some beverages, some lovin’ on my puppy, and several rounds of Scattegories. It was a good night and awesome to just get to know new people without any of those awkward we just met not sure what to talk about vibes. It was truly just fun and I honestly felt like I’d known some of these people my whole life, kinda weird, but really great.

And you know, I like to think, that since writing is what ties us all together, it’s sort of well, fitting, that we all assembled tonight. After all, Keats had his Shelly and his Wordsworth and Hemingway and all the modernist ex-pats had each other, and the depressed poets of the 1960’s (Bishop, Sexton, Plath), they all had each other, so hey, why can’t #everydaymay?? It’s like our very own Dead Poet’s Society… or something.

Anyways, hopeful the #everydaymay writers will continue to hangout long past the end of May. I envision summer BBQ’s, autumnal cups of coffee at Starbucks, and maybe some winter cups of hot apple cider even.

Let’s keep the tradition alive, folks.

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