A Tribute to My Work Bestie

Of all the blessings I have been granted in the last 4 years of my teaching career, one stands out greatest among the great.

Brent Brubaker, my work bestie. As I watched him deliver one of the most moving speeches I’ve heard on a school campus tonight in front of an audience of hundreds of graduating seniors and their parents, I realized today’s #everyday may post needed to be dedicated to him.

Somewhere around September of 2007, when I was a bright-eyed, bushy tailed new teacher still wet behind the ears, this goatee-growing, beer-brewing, literature-loving, dog-whispering, student-inspiring, poetry-writing guy called Bru walked into my classroom and showed me the ropes. He taught me in many ways how to be the teacher I am today (all the good things only, the bad things are all me!)

Since that year, a deep friendship grew, and it has single-handedly made going to work everyday that much easier, even when life is rough. I know I have a friend around the bend who is in my corner with me. When I got my first pink slip, it was his room I went straight too, crying, and the second, and the third, until this year, when I simply walked into his room in triumph instead of tears.

Through the years, we’ve gotten to do a lot of fun things together as teachers: rap the prologue to Romeo and Juliet for our freshmen, take a bunch of great ASB kids to conferences at Disneyland, chaperone beach retreats with those kids and stay up late watching SYTYCD and playing Apples to Apples, exchanging Green M&M’s trivia for the Great Gatsby, planning and working with Jr. Honor Guard, and so so so much more.

Bru’s the kind of guy who puts his heart and soul, every ounce of his being into teaching, mentoring, and loving kids. He doesn’t do it for show or notoriety, or to get picked to give the speech at Baccalaureate. He does it because he understands the value of humanity and helping people. He’s one of the best guys I know. I’m sure there are a lot of really great teachers out there that could have become my career mentor, work bestie, and older brother, but I’m sure glad it was you, Bru.

Thanks for making us all proud, tonight!

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