I feel a lot like the woman in this picture, sans small human. I have a small canine. But the effect is the same: sleepless nights, endless worry about their well-being when you leave them, lots of clean up, lots of watching for potential hazards, and lots of trying to keep them awake at all the right hours so they don’t want to play in all of the wrong hours.

The little puppy I thought maybe didn’t have a personality, definitely does. It is mostly defined by her numerous barks, whines, grunts, growls, and howls. Yes, imagine that, I got a verbosely expressive dog. Yeah, there’s no poetic justice in that or anything.

And because it’s taking all of my energy and thought to just stare at this screen and type right now, it’s bedtime. Tomorrow is Saturday, the day I usually sleep in. I still plan on doing that, but I’m sure every other hour or so will be interrupted by the “I want to sleep with you” whine, or the “I hate this crate” bark, or the “I need to pee” howl. Thankfully, roommate, like a loving co-parent, offered to take her potty and entertain the fur baby some tomorrow morning as she wakes up before me. Bless her. Maybe, just maybe I can crank in 8 hours total. Non-interrupted 8 hours? Yea, I’m not planning on seeing that again for a while.

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