This Is How We Do It…

It’s Friday night and we feel alright,
The party is here on the Kat side.
So we reach for our lipstick and put it on,
Designated master, take the caps to our heads.

Hit the tunes cuz we’re cleanin’,
Roomies in the house say, “Master, yo we made it!”
It feels so good to be in our hoods tonight.
Preparation going down for tomorrow’s partay.

All us grad students forgot about the hard work,
We gonna get’ our clean on befo Divers gets her lei.
So tip up your broom and throw your gloves on
And let me hear the cleaners say,

I’m kinda buzzed and it’s all becuz
(This is how we clean it)
Kat ladies do it like nobody does
(This is how we party prep)
To all my homies who had our backs
(This is how we bring it)
Let’s flip the track, never bring the school back
(That’s because we’re hooded).

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