Found Poetry: Master Lohman

So, this blog would have gone out yesterday, in appropriate accordance with the daily nature of #everydaymay, except blogger was down.

That said, my sophomores are currently studying poetry. Their project is to create an anthology of their poetry in these last three weeks of school. The catch is this, I do it with them. So, for the last two years, I’ve been creating “Loh’s Lyrics and Lines: One Teachers Book O’ Poetry.” This year is volume three.

The first poem we always do is a found poem. Students are asked to “find” poetry in an already existing text. They can only use the words in their selected text to create their own poem. The text essentially functions as a word bank through which they can create new meaning in their poem.

This year, my selected text was the invitation to my graduation party.
Here’s the poem. Cheesy, but fun!

Master Lohman

Guess after three grueling years,
Let yourself get down,
Master Lohman.
Get down with your M.A. self.

Let the celebration begin,
Get down, Swag Master,
Get down and holla.

Holla that you’re hooded,
Holla that you’re back, Lohman;
Back a Master,

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