The "F" word, AKA Normalcy

Its effects are almost immediate. It’s like a drug.

Prisoners have poeticized it, martyrs have prayed for it, peasants have plead for it, soldiers have bled for it, politicians have promised it.


Today, I felt it, truly felt it. In the goosebumps on my legs as I waited for my car to finish getting washed. In the breeze on my face as I ran. In the bitterness of my coffee beans after waiting in the drive thru. In the simplicity of another voice over the phone. In the sun kissing my skin. In the texture of the last page of my novel. In all the things I normally clock and structure down to the minute because I have to, because time is both a luxury and a death knell.

Today, approximately 36 hours after my Master’s graduation, I enjoyed a Sabbath bathed in the dewy freshness of newly found freedom. I woke up when my alarm clock went off (at 11am, admittedly) and arose cheerfully. I even managed a few kind words to my roommate within seconds of wakefulness.

I got coffee and lounged in my backyard, finishing the novel I began some months ago when I hoped to find snippets of free moments here and there between thesis edits, grading, and the usual topsy-turvyness of life.

I bounded down to Petsmart and bought my puppy all the necessities after getting my poor dirty car a much needed wash. The smell of pina colada air freshener seemed to match my mood; a mood in which the only mildly stressful or overwhelming factor was the sheer number of dog crates to choose from. And, do I buy my baby the pink collar with the rhinestones, or the pink collar with the zebra stripes? I opted for the rhinestones. Animal print can come with maturity. Don’t want to start them too young with those kinda things.

Then, my sparkling Corolla and I traipsed home where I enjoyed a 3 1/2 mile May run and some ab routines. I’m pondering heating up my Cheesecake Factory left overs and slipping on over to the couch and catching up on Tivo before hopping in the shower for church tonight.

So this, I’m told, is normalcy.And probably, in this normalcy, the only thing that will even come close to stressing me out today is the fact that at some point I have to make a lunch, pick out an outfit, and set my alarm clock for 5:15 am tomorrow. But that too, I’m told, is normal. 😉

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