Happy Cinco De Mango!!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I could bathe in a vat of mangos.

Mango-papaya salsa, mango-salsa candle, Bali Mango shower gel, mango sorbet, mango gelato, mango popsicles, mango smoothies, mango margaritas, mango mojitos, dried mangos, chili-covered dried mangos, and mango fruit salad. It doesn’t really matter what form they come in, I’m a sucker for mangos. A mango maniac.

I’m not really sure where or when the addiction to this tropical fruit began, but by last summer 2010, it was in full swing. Maybe it was the delicious mango salad I ate at the resort I stayed at on the coast of the Indian Ocean. The breeze, the food, the water, it all tasted and smelled of paradise. When I came home, I tried to lock away as much of that oasis as I could and so consumed mangos by the bushel! The rest of our love affair, is well, history.

But, mangos, are a labor of love. One has to be committed to a mango. They’re not a simple peel and eat kind of fruit. They must ripen at just the right time, be cut in just the right way, and then be eaten in just the proper slices. All this takes work, but its worth it because mangos are divine.

And they’re back in season. I may not be going to Africa again this summer, but I will drink in all the mango I can find, and maybe even indulge in a chili covered mango in Mexico this June.

HAPPY CINCO DE MANGO, everyone!!!!!

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