And This is Just the Beginning…

~Inhales a deep breath and pauses to take this moment in…~

Wow. My very first blog. It feels so… energizing, inspiring, familiar, right. Like, blogging, where have you been all my life?

I know what you’re thinking. Seriously, “What the hecka Becka?” You’re just now starting this whole blog thing? Where have YOU been your whole life?

Haha. Well. You should know, I was also like the LAST person to get a cell phone. My parents were seriously the LAST people to get an answering machine back in the day. So, let’s just say I come from a long line of technology hesitant procrastinators.

But here I am. And here is a good place to be.

K, more to follow… I gotta go customize this thing and give it a personal flair!

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